Top 8 Reasons For Why You Should Choose Handmade Products

India is blessed with a diverse set of crafters who put forward beautiful pieces of their art and craft. However, marketing their masterpieces has been a challenge or I can say it has not been prioritized enough by the government & local authorities.

Craft services happen to be the second largest source of employment post agriculture in India. If they are promoted vigorously it could lead to being one of the prominent sectors impacting the economy and employment which has an impact on the GDP of our country.

Crafting is one of the most engaging and beautiful activities of humankind. It is the love and creativity of a crafter who molds rocks into sculptures, waste material into beautiful objects of utility, and plants into the woven texture to wear.

Craftsmanship comes naturally to thousands of unlettered people in India and there have been some arts and crafts which are passed on from one generation to another. The art of crafting is more of culture and representation of a family who indulges themselves in a particular form of art.

  • Have you always thought of supporting the local businesses?
  • Have you ever thought about why you should be buying crafted goods?
  • What makes them different?
  • How much does one make out of the transaction?
  • Is it just a profit deal to the seller or to the buyer as well?

Let us discover some facts that give us enough understanding of why we should opt for handcrafted goods.

To Promote Local Artisans

By buying the articles and goods from crafters in India, you encourage their craft and also support the movement of VOCAL for LOCAL.

Handmade helps in supporting the local economy. Each purchase gives confidence to the crafter in their ability of crafting, this could help them redefine their skill and keep getting better at what they do.

This could eventually be a proper source of income as they reinvest in their business and scale it further. Also, your transaction with these crafters helps us grow the Indian economy and ensures that money stays within india.

Environment Friendly

Handmade products mostly are great for the environment. A small effort you could make to appreciate and encourage products which are nature friendly and loving. These products do not require huge factories or production houses, they are mostly worked out of houses or small crafting studios. And hence they do not travel thousands of kilometers before it reaches the end consumer keeping it cost-effective.

Products are Worth More

It is believed that people love authenticity and when they are told that it is a work of an art, they perceive it to have a higher value. This leaves the buyer with the happiness of acquiring something exclusive and artistic.

Quality and Sustainability

Handmade crafts withstand time and they stay longer than the usual articles.The products used to craft them are of high quality and since it’s made by people and not machinery they have a longer shelf life.

This makes it a purchase worth to the consumers who know that their association with the product is longer and cherishable.

Unique and Creative

Crafting is an art and every product that’s handmade has a story behind it. How the necklace beads are arranged has a pattern, and multiple re-iterations to fit in your choice and taste.The products crafted are versatile and unique in their own way. These crafts have the power of adding an aesthetic look to your house and your collection.

Made by Real people

These crafts are customized and have personal touch to it. What makes it stand out is every article is exclusive and is unparalleled to mass production. Buying these products gives you the feeling of acquiring unique things that not many have.

Buy from Crafters directly

We are obliged to create this platform for the artisans and crafters to showcase their work and provide the buyers a wide variety of crafts that they can choose to buy from. This way our mission is to eliminate middlemen and give fair pricing to our buyers and transparent pricing to our craftsmen.

Keep the Art and Tradition going

By buying crafts from local artisans you play a major role in encouraging them to continue doing what they are great at. This lets them know that people like you appreciate their art and it is definitely something they should consider teaching their future generations. This helps us keep the art and craft live.

So now the next time you want to buy a gift, think of something handmade. It leaves your loved one feeling special and you have an opportunity to customize articles based on your taste and preferences.

Happy handmade shopping!

Can you think of any other reasons why should one choose handmade crafts? Would you consider buying local handmade products? Let me know your thoughts!

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    March 30, 2021

    I appreciate you...

    Praveena yakari
    March 31, 2021

    Good content

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